logo designs

Factors to consider when choosing custom logo designs  


Designing a logo from scratch can be a daunting task, especially if you are not a professional designer. If you are still using the traditional tools to come up with a logo design manually, this can be even more difficult since you will be required to carry out each step carefully so as not ruin everything.


Luckily, there are lots of free logo maker software and design templates today which you can easily take advantage of. Unlike the traditional designing tools, these free options are generally easy to use, and most of them are custom made to help anyone, whether a pro or a newbie, develop unique designs that stand out. That said, here are a few essential tips that you should consider when choosing a custom logo design which you will eventually use to develop your company logo.


Many people prefer working with simple items, names, designs, and even logos. Thus, when coming up with one, avoid incorporating too many details since this will take much of your time and will also complicate the simple message about your company values you may be trying to put across. A perfect example is the Nike swoosh logo and the famous Apple fruit logo. Both have a simple, recognizable logo with a precise shape that you cannot miss. If you are a staunch fan of Starbucks, then you definitely must have noticed that their logo is getting less detailed as the company grows.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to logo development, this saying is always proven right. Professional logo design will in many ways build and increase a customer’s trust and loyalty over time. Thus, even if you have a few dollars to work with, it is always advisable to try and bring out your logo to life in high quality. If you cannot afford to quickly hire a professional designer, use the available free logo design templates to develop one that will blend in and work well in different places.


Since you will use your logo to pass information about your brand and overall company values and believes, it is advisable to always go for an option that clearly defines your brands’ essential characteristics. While you may not be able to meet all of the features here, you should always focus on developing a logo that brings out the message you intend to portray to your clients. However, remember always to keep it simple and clear.