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Advantages and disadvantages of free logo maker software

A free logo maker software allows businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and private individuals design and downloads their logo for free essentially in a few minutes. It is a simple process and the fact that tones of software options offering the services make it even more interesting. All that’s required is to select a template design, pick an appealing font and color options and then let the software developers a unique identity. Ones the process comes to an end, you can proceed and download, print and use it in whichever way you want.


Is using a free logo maker software that simple?

Yes, it is. The software is simple to use as it has been specially designed to help both professional graphic designers and newbies who have very little knowledge on designing. An excellent free logo maker software must have a user-friendly interface which is easy to understand. It also must have the right tools which can be used to develop a great logo. That said, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with such kinds of software.




This is one of the best things about such kind of software. In the past, many designers had to cope up with different software programs which were complicated and lacked essential features. Today, all this has changed. Most of the designing software programs being introduced have user friend interphases and contain lots of essential elements which anyone can use to improve his logo design.


Most of the logo making software today is free of charge. Those that charge some fee before using them have pocket-friendly packages which can be afforded by anyone. Some of the most common free logo making software options include Canva, Designhill, LogoYes, Logomaker, Laughing bird and Sothink.



Lack of originality

Logos developed without the help of a professional designer lack originality. Basically, through the option, you only get to choose an already existing template online which limits your selection to the few options available. Also, since most of the options are free of charge and are availed to anyone who is interested, there are always high chances of using the same templates and in the process develop similar logos. In the long run, this might easily affect the overall image of your brand since your targeted clients will not be able to differentiate your logo from the other similar options they may come across.