10+ Free Logo Design Templates for Creating a Logo in 5 Minutes

The free logo design templates can be used in your logo projects, for an inspiration or as a starting point for your designs. Here are some great logo design templates to check out!

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A logo must be memorable, simple, appropriate, timeless, and versatile. We have analyzed and search the web and we’ve found some great free logo design templates that can help you create a logo in less than 5 minutes. Keep in mind that some of the logo templates are in PSD format:

1. Letter-shaped logo template -

This template has a modern look and feel. It could fit well with different types of businesses including web design studios, print studios, applications, companies related to media, communications, and technology. You can check the complete look of this logo and download from free-logo-design.net.

2. Data Logo Template PSD -

These are creative templates suitable for different types of businesses. You can use the logo templates to create a logo for any company such as photography business, IT business, creative agencies, non-profit organizations, and more. You can find and download this template at ww12.psdfly.com.

3. Letter S Logo Template PSD -

This template is great for all kinds of businesses – from IT businesses to non-profit organizations. You can download this template at ww12.psdfly.com.

4. Explore the Nature Logo -

If you are looking for a logo template for your travel agency, check out this logo design. You can get it for free at dribbble.com.

5. Palette and Brush Logo Template -

This template can be used for all kinds of design and art projects. If you want to design an eye-catching logo, this is the perfect one for you! You can find and download the logo at free-logo-design.net.

6. Seahorse Logo Template -

This template could suit different types of businesses looking to create a unique logo. You can use the logo template as a starting point or as an inspiration. This logo has a nice and clean look and if you want to create a memorable logo that will represent your business in the best way possible, this template is what you need. It comes in PDF and AI format. Check the design at free-logo-design.net and if you like the logo, go ahead and click the “Free Download” button.

7. Ice Cream Sundae Template -

This cute logo template can be used for advertising, stores, marketing, and much more. This logo is made of vector shapes which allows easy modifications. You can also change the color and text with a few clicks in Adobe Illustrator. Go to free-logo-design.net and check the logo design. If you like it download it free of charge.

8. Free Infinity Colors Template -

This logo design template is suitable for art studios and web design companies. It is an amazing combination of colors and symbols. Go to psdbird.com and if you like the logo design, download the template for free.

9. Free Royal Hotel Template -

This is a great logo suitable for hotels. It looks very professional and eye-catching. You can add your company name and the tagline. Go to psdbird.com and if you like the logo, download it with just one click.

10. Home Grown Soup Co. -

You can download this free logo design template and use it for different personal and commercial projects. There is a list of free fonts included. You can download the logo from dribbble.com.

10. Home Grown Soup Co. -

This template is suitable for all of your cloud logo needs. You can customize the logo based on your own ideas and needs. You can find and download the logo at psdbird.com. Also, if after seeing these templates you are still not convinced about which one to choose, Shopify is a great platform that also offers service as a creator of slogans, logos and online stores in general, but the best thing is that it works everywhere in the world, from Australia to the United Kingdom and counting. So, if you want to take a look at it, go to www.shopify.in/tools/slogan-maker

There you go! Check out the templates and choose the one that suits you the most! 

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